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  1. Sorry, this might be an obvious question, but i am beginner and I just need a reference...

    this morning i was reading news at around 8:30 am and they were reporting that the stock index futures were down - i am curious how they get their data so early - can anyone tell me what 'website' has the data or charts on futures especially the nasdaq 100 index futures.

    Also do the futures prices change the same way stocks do? and what does SP"c1" mean?

    thankyou for your time!
  2. They get their news and so do most of us because we have real time data feeds. You can get price update, delayed, from a # of places such as barchart dot com and future source dot com. Start with these.

    What is it that you are trying to accomplish with this info? Please don't say trading the news. Contrary to what some think on this website technical analysis aka reading a price chart works pretty well with alot of study, practice, and most importantly discipline.
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  4. Been using eSignal for years now. Check it out sometime. About $100+ a month
  5. thanks for the websites - i think i got the links i was looking for.

    dandxg - about trading the news, no actually i am still an absolute beginner, so i am still in the trial and error phase - so i must look at trading in every angle possible. so, in a way i do follow the news and try to look for patterns in price behaviors.

    also what time do the futures start trading? (i was looking at the charts at futuresource and they have quotes at 6am?)
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    i wish you good luck as you start trading. With that said, please do not post questions that can easily be answered by going to or I know you are new but do a little research about different products and visit exchange sites. It'll save you time instead of posting these questions and waiting for people to answer.

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    Futures trade essentially 24/5.
    Please tour this site and stop being so lazy.

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