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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. OK, since several of you have made comments about my 1990's website, LOL.... how about sending me some suggestions and or samples of sites that you think would suit us better. Not too flashy, more business type...and if you have a designer that you think can re-design my site, let me know.

    (And, yes, I'm willing to pay, LOL).

  2. byteme


  3. slacker


    Another 2000 or so that are free at:

    Also you might want to update your logo very cheaply...

    For ideas or services see:

    What would be great for your site is a page listing short 'quotes' page of Don and Bob Bright's wisdom!

    Example: Don "If it's repeatable; its beatable."

    Don "Beginning traders are like a weekend gamblers at a slot machine with a bucket of nickles; they keep playing until the nickles are gone." (I remember from a presentation a few years ago...)

    I am sure there are plenty more!

    Good luck with the site!!!
  4. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it...and, sure a few quotes might be fun....might have to screen a few of my brother's, LOL.

  5. Don,

    I think you have to visit some web sites and look around what appeals to you. Personally when I had my own web site I took an idea from a real estate site that I subscribed to. It was easy to read, I like the layout and basically copied it.

    Look at newer corp sites, they research what works and tailor your info to fit the format.

    Myself, I hate the bells and whistles. If you like dry and upfront, maybe an accounting or legal website may give you some ideas. Sykes is all popcorn and bubble gum but I'm sure he has put much time into the design. not saying I like it but it gets his message across.
  6. I agree, and I hear that a lot. We do it all here, and my IT guy "can" do fancy, but I have pretty much stuck with the "bulletin board" format....and do it myself (that's why I'm open to updating it...not my best skill set, LOL).

    I do want to add a few Youtube training videos and some more Q&A....I have no problem with content, just trying to update the overall look.

    Thanks for the input.

  7. Check this web site.

    It appears to have much of what you are looking for ...

    1. Clean, Crisp Layout.
    2. Education (product manuals and video links)
    3. Product Placement
    4. Support
    5. Training
    6. Search Function
    7. Easy, Simple, Near idiot-proof Navigation.


    - Spydertrader
  8. Larry Williams and my pal Woodie? Nice site, thanks...