Website for sharing large files?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Runningbear, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. I found a site a while ago that allows you to upload large files and share them with friends. It not a public file sharing program. It was a website, but I have lost the link. Does anyone know the name of the site I'm referring to?

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  2. Another one:

    Keep in mind that most of the "free", advertising-driven file sharing sites (a lot of which are based in Germany... go figure) have one major, frustrating flaw: any file you upload is deleted if 30 days have passed since anyone downloaded it.

    No kidding. That's true of both Rapidshare and Qfile. For some applications, that's a deal breaker right there. And there's no way for the uploader or anyone else to tell how many days are left.

    Also, most of them impose hourly download limits, per person, unless you pay up for a premium membership.

    Yousendit allows much bigger files (500MB vs. 50MB, last time I checked), but is even worse in that respect: you'd be lucky to get as few as 3-7 days' use out of, before the file is gone. The exact delete date on Yousendit has no rhyme or reason.
  3. is the site I was thinking of.

    Thanks for the links guys.

  4. rapidshare looks nice. they say they don't delete the files as long as someone downloaded them in the last 30 days. so just download it yourself once a month if you want to keep it fresh. i'll try it. thanks.