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  1. I used to go to a website that had all the market summaries for the prior day. It included key events etc. It was a market snapshot. But, it no longer exists. Is there any website that has a snapshot of the prior day with opinions etc? I'd like to read it prior to the opening. Thanks
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    I use for economic calendar and news likely to affect forex and index markets. Great site.

    Have you tried the chicago board of trade website for news and market recap:,3181,1033,00.html
  3. ftrader,

    Thanks for the reply. The CBOT one is pretty interesting. I was looking for a little bit of commentary, some numbers, fundamentals, and technical analysis. The one I used to use was on 1 page and could be read in around 1-2min. It was useful IMO.

    If you'd like you can PM me if you don't want to post your secrets :)
  4. Here is a cut/paste of what I'm looking for-

    "The NASDAQ 100 (NDX +4.84 1708.68 surged higher on Wednesday, moving above the (NDX 1700) mark, which has served as resistance. This move took place on impressive volume and internals, which may argue that the NASDAQ 100 has entered a positive phase which could last for one to two weeks. The NDX appears to have tested (NDX 1700) yesterday as extreme low NYSE TICK Index readings were recorded. The current downside pivot for the NASDAQ 100 proxy is (QQQQ 41.25). We would simply continue to use (NDX 1700) as pivot on a closing basis.

    The general market was held back or pulled upon by new lows in the June Ten-Year Notes Futures (TYM 106-10). Yesterday's basic test of (TYM 106) has the appearance of a possible completion move, but there is no price evidence to support this notion at present. The S&P 500 Cash Index (SPX -2.64 1300.25) drew a somewhat bearish daily candle yesterday, after attempting to push through overhead TICK-resistance (SPX 1306.50). Most of the time this configuration will lead to lower prices in the next day or two. The last trading day of the quarter has been historically weak in recent history.

    As we have stated before, the micro-trade appears very tied to Treasuries here, and yesterday's new highs in Yield no doubt pressured the tape. The new lows for Treasuries were also confirmed by new-Year lows in the Dow Jones Utilities. One would think that this glaring negative divergence will, ultimately, weigh on the general market, but there is still some type of liquidity/hold-up trade under way.

    The Bank Index (BKX -.62 106.09) is clearly feeling the weight of the decline in Treasuries as the February 3 trendline and trend-channel line has been violated. While the stock market has jerked to the upside over the course of the past week, the BKX has declined for 5 of the past six sessions.

    It may also be worth noting the Retail Index (RLX -2.26 475.44) has declined for 4 of the past five sessions, perhaps suggesting fear that the Consumer is under pressure from deteriorating housing data and/or the Fed's initial hawkish salvo. "
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    A possibility is, they have a page 1 which gives you a run down on before market, mid day and afterhours, also gets you all your information for the economic end.