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  1. honghsu


    Greeting All,

    I wonder you may recommend a good website which allows you to set up a Portfolio simulation with features

    A. shows Internal Rate of Return of the Portfolio, and
    B. allows you add or withdrew cash to/from the Portfolio,
    C. update stock's quotes in delayed 20 minutes or so.

    So far the or I found only have feature C.

  2. Try:

    it is what most people use when they want to compete in virtural stock trading competitions with others and make sure no one cheats but it will work for what you need as well.


  3. gordo



    A few folks have made similar inquiries. Haven't seen anything updated on this lately. Having been in a similar situation, one option may be to create an excel template to download and track your portfolio. You could setup IRR and ROE/ROA formulas, etc. There was a spreadsheet link that was posted awhile back when I was looking for something like this. Think you might find it on a website like daytraders resources or It is setup for daytrading, but if your are proficient with excel, it is not difficult to modify and paste links to update data, etc. Hope that may help. Sorry if it's not what you are looking for.

  4. gordo



    My previous post is probably redundant given Avalanche's response. Let us know how it works for you.

    Avalanche - thanks for the link also, have to check it out. Look's like it could be useful.

  5. honghsu


    Avalanche and Gordo,

    I appreciate the help!
  6. prox


    Yahoo lets you adjust your cash in your portfolio.. (i.e deposit and withdraw)
  7. honghsu



    Can you tell the details of web address of for portfolio with cash flow if it is free.