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  1. Does anyone have experience using this software?
    I am interested in it and have e-mailed them a few
    times requesting information. However I have not
    received a reply. So I don't even know if they are
    still in business.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. clarence


    A few years ago, Caplin claimed to the press that they had a product called "mongoose" which would be a direct competitor to Reuters' Kobra. For example, see this story:


    I wrote to the company twice, asking for information; I used the e-mail address on their website.

    I did not receive any reply at all.

    I assume that the company is in the "vaporware" business.
  3. Yes agreed,

    they also developed a software product called "Imahosbag" that was marketed to the scandinavian market. It was not a big seller and the project was eventually shut down. :(
  4. paulc

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    Ok, first of all: sincere apologies to gaijin2006 and clarence for the problems you've had contacting us. Gaijin -- you and I have already been in communication, and I am grateful for your ideas and suggestions.

    Second: vaporware? No. Mongoose is a mature and highly functional web-based alternative to Reuters 3000Xtra that provides much of the same functionality, but within a browser. However, we have withdrawn it from the market. Why? Because Reuters reacted VERY aggressively to it and effectively blocked us from selling it by creating huge commercial barriers designed to prevent their customers from using it to look at Reuters data.

    Nowadays we are doing well providing the same technology to the large banks (JPMorgan, Citi, Merrill, UBS, etc), as well as to some smaller data vendors, to enable them to deliver their own data to their customers.

    If any of you would like to take a look at Mongoose, an online demo still exists and I'll be happy to arrange access if you contact me directly.

    "Imahosbag"? Maybe we should do a little test marketing on that name before using it... Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    Paul Caplin (CEO, Caplin Systems)