Weber Says ECB May Need to Raise Rates to `Restrictive' Level

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  1. European Central Bank governing council member Axel Weber said the bank may need to raise interest rates to a level that restricts economic growth to keep inflation under control.

    ``If risks to price stability are threatening to materialize, monetary policy can't lose sight of its primary mandate -- even if that means no longer supporting the robust economy or becoming restrictive,'' Weber, who also heads Germany's Bundesbank, said in the text of a speech in Munich late yesterday. There may be an ``additional need'' to raise interest rates, given the ``expected acceleration in euro-region inflation over the coming months.''

    The ECB stepped back from plans to raise rates in September, saying it wanted to assess the economic impact of rising credit costs and financial-market turbulence caused by the U.S. housing slump. Signs of discord are starting to emerge among ECB policy makers on the best way forward, with Weber the strongest advocate for another rate increase.

    At some point I am more then irritated by ECB members ! Couple of days ago Trichet pointed at credit crunch and the impact on markets and now Weber´s frontal attack ! What´s going on over there ? :confused: :confused: :confused:

  2. You're kidding right? Do you even have a fucking clue?

    They're trying to keep their currency safe and their overall economy growing at a safe pace.

    We need to be taking lessons from them.
  3. Weber, almost of a weekly basis states " Rates may have to be raised to a higher level".

    He is the Ultra Hawkish member of the ECB panel.

    Be very sceptical of Hawkish comments by this guy, on the other hand if he states any dovish comments listen with interest.
  4. Thank you for recalling central banks duties...Is it their duty to contradict each other expressing utterly different point of views PUBLICLY ?? Maybe they should discuss dissensions internally...

  5. Breaking News: German ultra hawk Weber sent to court for creating panic across global financial markets

  6. I suppose Weber is the one sitting in the first row head turned down having a catnap...:p