Webcasts for June Cornerstone Investors Network Traders Club Meetings

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  1. Webcasts for June Cornerstone Investors Network Traders Club Meetings

    The following Cornerstone Investors Network traders club meetings will be webcasted over the internet in a 200 seat Omnovia webcast room (no special software programs to download and no subscription fees for the webcast platform, it's all free) with great visual and audio capabilities so that we can webcast many of our club meetings every month from now on where the internet audience can see the slides & charts and hear the seminar presenter as well in the same application in real time. See Webcast Instructions further below after the meeting descriptions.

    If you would like to get email notices each month of these free club webcasts or you want to attend the meetings in person in Tampa send me an email at michaelnorris@ij.net or go to www.CornerstoneInvestorsNetwork.com

    Tuesday June 21st Webcast Password: point
    Saturday June 25th Webcast Password: future
    Thursday June 30th Webcast Password: simple

    3 Webcast Meetings in June:

    1. Tuesday June 21st at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern Time Webcast:

    VectorVest User Group Meeting - Profitable Trading Strategies: Exact Parameters To Enter In Stock Screener and Performance Of Each System

    2. Saturday June 25th at 9:00 AM - 12 Noon Eastern Time Webcast.

    For the Saturday June 25th Cornerstone Investors Network club meeting at the Manhattan Baptist Church in Tampa & Webcast we'll be having one of our own club members, Robert Bejarano, who trades for a living show us what he does in his own
    trading and he will show how to take trading with technical indicators to whole new level with what he calls "3 Dimensional Trading or 3-D Trading"

    Everyone will be able to start attending a FREE visual chat room with the charts and trade signals in a 3-D Trading room that will be open Monday through Friday following this Saturday's seminar. Details will be available at the Saturday meeting.

    These new technical analysis techniques Robert Bejarano will be covering can be used to trade stocks, futures and forex. He'll start out by showing charts with some of the popular indicators on them and then he show will how they compare with layering those indicators with improvements that will greatly increase their effectiveness, not by changing the indicators settings, but instead adding some additional things to the indicators,
    which will greatly change how those indicators are used. Robert says for him, the trading results are greatly improved using these
    enhancements over just the regular indicators themselves. And unlike some improvements people make that only seem to complicate things, these enhancements make things much more simpler than ever before.

    With these enhanced technical analysis indicators that will be shown on stock, futures and Forex charts for both daytrading and swing trading, Robert will be covering at this meeting:

    * 1st Dimensional Technical Trading which is good, 2nd Dimensional Technical Trading which is better, and 3rd Dimensional Technical Trading which is the best.
    * The criteria for entering trades with a set up he calls the Jedi
    * 3-D Moving Averages
    * 3-D Bollinger Bands
    * 3-D MACD
    * 3-D RSI
    * 3-D Stochastics
    * 3-D CCI & Double Combo CCI
    * 3-D Linear Regression Slope Turn 3 Trade
    * 3-D Linear Regression Slope Divergence Trade
    * 3-D Pivots
    * 3-D Fib Zones
    * 3-D Trend Line Breaks
    * Money management techniques for 3-D Trading

    3. Thursday June 30th at 7:00 to 10 PM Eastern Time Webcast:

    Saturday June 30th at 7:00 - 10 PM Eastern Time: Henry Zayas-Bazan offers a free 2 Day Online Forex Trading Workshop, in this presentation Henry will be covering the following subjects in detail that evening and going into explicit details of the strategies he teaches his students to use:

    1) Introduction to the Forex Market.
    2) Advantages over Stock Trading.
    3) How to read a Forex quote.
    4) Technical Analysis.
    5) Candlesticks.
    6) Choosing a Trading Strategy.

    The Omnovia Webcast passwords for the following Cornerstone Investors Network club meetings are:

    Tuesday June 21st at 6:30 PM EST - Password: point
    Saturday June 25th at 9:00 AM EST - Password: future
    Thursday June 30th at 7:00 PM EST - Password: simple

    You won't need to use that password until the day of the webcast presentation but in the meantime there is a Click Here To Test The Setup button near the middle of the page that you need to go through the Set Up before the meeting to make sure everything is working properly on you computer and if not you can contact support at Omnovia that is listed below with any questions.

    1. Click on: www.omnovia.com/sc/ti
    2. A small box will appear asking for your full name and password. Enter the password from above for the appropriate date and then, click on “Login”.
    3. In order to take full advantage of this interactive trading
    lesson, it is highly recommended that you use a computer headset with a microphone or if you don't have that you can just use your regular computer speakers and microphone (or type out your questions and comments).

    Be aware that the session is not activated (charts, etc., are not
    visible) until the moderator logs in.

    Please go to this page and follow the instructions, but do not login. That way, you can download the ActiveX you need and have it all ready for the webcast the next day

    Click on the “Click Here to Test the Setup” button to make sure
    everything is installed correctly.

    If you have any technical problems, please email support@omnovia.com