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  1. jrlvnv


    I just got a Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 and I noticed that when I use yahoo IM webcam I only get a 3 fps upload using a cable modem. The box claims u can get up to 30 fps. I have it set to the fastest possible framerate but something doesn't seem right. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks
  2. whatisis


    Cable's upstream speed is usually many times slower than the downstream. Even considering this 3 fps seems a bit slow.

    Do you have a network with multiple computers? If you do then see if you have the same speed problem on the local network. If not, try MSN Messenger with someone that has a similar setup. That might isolate a software vs. network issue.
  3. jrlvnv


    I use just one computer. I tried my friend who has Yahoo and a cable modem who lives down the street from me, and he also gets 3fps. I don't know anyone who uses MSN so if someone would like to volunteer with me to test my WEBCAM my user name is Just want to test the speed of it. Thanks if someone can help.
  4. Tums


    maybe your resolution is too high?
  5. jrlvnv


    tried them all... same speed no matter what.
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    Yahoo SUCKS for use with webcams. Its not your cam or your computer, its Yahoo msgr.
  7. use skype...