Webbased Chart pattern scanner?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by mdl060374, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know of a decent and relatively cheap website that updates various daily chart patterns?

    I used one along time ago, but when I changed style of trading, I stopped subscribing, and forgot the name.

    I am basically looking for a site that shows stocks that have formed H&S, wedges, double bottoms/tops, on a daily chart, etc..

    such a site would help alot for giving me candidates to zoom in on.

  2. MarkB


    Have a look at stockfetcher.com
  3. I love stockfetcher. However I use it for other scans (statistics, etc).

    I have found that their chart pattern scans pull up poor forming patterns. Maybe I need to rexamine the scans again and tweek them.
  4. MarkB


    They've made some changes since I used them - sorry I should have checked it out before mentioning it. They used to have a feature where you could actually draw the shape you wanted the scanner to find on price or on an indicator and it would match that. I don't see that it's available any longer.

    Good luck finding what you're looking for! I hope that you post back with info on what meets your needs.
  5. drm7



    Go to the screener, then pick out a pattern from the "signal" drop-down box.