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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by mdmbud, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. mdmbud


    is there a place we can recommend sites and advisory services ? Would love to hear what others use....
  2. TG


    I have found, over the past year, a good site if your interested primarily in daytrading, Daytrading University. com. I am not affiliated with it in any way before you ask, merely found approach very consistent and educationa lpart of it very good.
  3. mdmbud


    thanks. I have a couple, but do not post them because people accuse you of advertising or being affiliated. That is why I think a board deticated to this would be interesting.
  4. TG


    Agree. Would save lots of hunting and time looking for an approach you become comfortable with.
  5. hmmmm, I have a couple suggestions!
  6. I have a site dedicated to helping traders find trade opportunities in real-time and manage risk. We will be the sponsors of the Resource section starting tomorrow. Check it out
  7. jturner


    There are quite a few out there. I am currently using the following.


  8. Simple way to find many good trading sites -

    Go to search engine - www.ixquick.com - this engine links many others together and searches all of them in various formats - making it the most effective search tool that I use every day (no, I'm not affiliated, it just works really well)

    You can customize your search parameters and narrow down to the topic you are interested in - it will give topic relevance rankings for each site found under a particular search.

    I find that it saves me time because each individual seach engine scans for topics differently (some on page title, some in all text, some with variations on spelling, etc.) and Ixquick links them all together so it gives a very comprehensive seach with one click.

    Good Luck