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Discussion in 'Trading' started by PoundTheRock, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. BCE


    Yahoo keeps them forever or until they go out of business. :)
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  2. I have a sent gmail email from about 4 months ago and can't see any notes about them deleting them. If you want a gmail account I can send you an invite, just post or PM me your email address.
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  3. When you compose mail in your gmail account to send to a customer for example, isn't the email going to look like it came from my gmail account instead of my myname@mybusiness.com? I want to use gmail, but have it show like it came from a myname@mybusiness.com email address.
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  4. birdman


    i don't know how gmail works but i would expect all mail you send to show from username@gmail.com

    i have a program set up on one of my sites called Hive Mail that allows me to send mail from myname@mysitename.com

    at one time i had a program that had multiple choice where i selected from over 50 domains i own and sent mail as needed

    there are even scripts where you can send mail from any username@at anywebsite.com i've seen them and i guess that would explain why i daily get spam from my own domains that i didn't send

    you can get whatever you want installed by a programer for cheap at http://scriptlance.com

    and if you aren't sure what you want you can let them pick or look yourself at http://hotscripts.com

    Hope it helps,
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  5. So when I compose an email in google, will it show like it came from a myname@mybusiness.com email address?
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  6. Bump
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  7. gwb-trading


    Yes, when you use the Gmail business email service then your email will show that it came from the myname@mybusiness.com email address.

    - Greg

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