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  1. Thanks alot for the info.
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  2. <b>Nasdaq</b>, you might find someone who will build a website using Microsoft FrontPage software. That can be held and edited inside your computer and/or likewise on a live server.

    Have the designer build it simple and teach you the basics... self reliant in relatively short order.

    The same person might also create personalized website logo-graphics, or you may opt to hire that part out to someone else.

    Server space with Yahoo! or similar providers is around $30 per month. Bandwith is sufficient for all traffic you might handle excpet massive video applications.

    Webhosting process is simpler than it appears, but of course nothing is easy :>)

    Best Trading Wishes,
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  3. mbay


    Check out edirectory.com
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    Hello PoundTheRock:

    I do simple professional business card websites for lawyers all the time. I charge them around five hundred dollars for the entire process. Send me a Private Message if your interested.

    For a more indepth website like content management system, I would recommend you check out elance.com. You will probably end up spending around 5k for a credible source initially, but it is worth it. Technology changes every day and you need a credible source to make the necessary changes continuously. Anything less, would be bad business and increase your liability of client information being hacked.

    The beauty of simple business card websites is less hassle for continuous updates other then company information.

    For hosting, dreamhost.com is very good and serverbeach.com for dedicated hosting (your own server for large traffic).

    Do not use flash, avoid ajax, keep it simple to make sure it is compatible across all major browsers, and if your a product oriented company like selling trading software, don't enlist advertising on your website for another company, you are trying to sell your product, not theirs, lol.

    For newsletter or email services, I recommend intellicontact.com or constantcontact.com.

    You might also consider a blog, typepad.com and wordpress.com seem to be favorites.

    If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send me a private message. Take care.
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  5. If I wanted to get a website with an email address such as myname@mywebsite.com, can I have the emails sent to a hotmail or gmail account instead of microsoft outlook?
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    Google offers free hosted email service for your .com domain. Take a look at:


    The service works very well, I know several people who are using it.

    You should use a service like GoDaddy.com to register your domain and then point your MX mail registry to google as per their instructions and then you are good to go. This means that you can use Google for your email service (myname@mywebsite.com) and maintain a separate mywebsite.com site at your normal hosting provider. Check it out. Very easy to implement.

    - Greg

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  7. Yes you can, it's called "forwarding" and you would login to your account and set it up. It should come free with your hosting package, if they don't offer it find a host that does. You can forward to any email address, including gmail, hotmail and yahoo.
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  8. Thanks for the info.

    My hotmail account says I have 1 GB of storage available. Is that just for the inbox folder or is that for the inbox and sent items folders combined? If it's just for the inbox, does that mean that I have unlimited storage for my sent items folder?
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  9. Login to your hotmail account and click on Mailbox usage and you will see that everything - inluding Sent Messages - counts towards the 1GB, except for the Trash Can.
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  10. I notice that hotmail only keeps your sent items for 30 days and then deletes it. Anyone know how long gmail keeps items in the sent folder? I need something that keeps items in the sent folder forever.
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