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    I am a freelance web programmer and designer. I'd love to help anybody out especially if you have a nice trading strategy. :D

    Giving my 2 cents,

    1. Choose someone only after you have seen their work.
    2. Speak to him/her if possible and feel his/her professionalism.
    3. Don't be cheap, it's your image and the credibility of your project on the line.
    4. Choose someone who's been in the business for a couple of years. It will save you time and money down the road.

    Feel free to visit my personal site:


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    very nice work :)
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  3. Nice job!!!! I have two projects that might interest you that require a database component. PM me if you do MySQL work. :)

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  4. For some time I've been thinking about starting a site similar to www.southeasttexas.com for my neck of the woods. Does anyone know of a company/person that does this kind of work (design and hosting) or what it would cost to get it up and running? Thanks
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    Hello Ragincajun,

    Would you mind sharing a bit more info...

    1. Will this be a one man operation?

    2. Are you internet savvy?

    3. Have you talked to similar site owners to determined your ROI and continuing profit results?

    4. Have you written your biz plan with summary, objectives, products & pricing info, marketing plan, cost and competitor analysis, partners, support personnel, sources of cash, etc...?

    5. Can you devote 110% of your time to this?

    Many people from getacoder.com will build your site for peanuts and I can't beat their prices however I can add my 2 cents here.

    I too have built sites like this but felt extremely guilty for not telling them what they would be up to. Instead I did what they wanted and took their money only to find out later that they went out of business because of competition, lack of commitment, bad planning among tons of other reasons.

    Honestly, It's much more rewarding to me to build a site that I know will be well funded and supported rather than taking your money for it because I know you will be in business for good and hopefully you will continue working with me and referring new clients as well.


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    This is a very good resource where professionals post portfolios and clients post projects and solicit bids. http://www.elance.com/
    I was in the process of starting a web development company a while back (late 90's) but was sidetracked by trading the markets. It's funny, I used to go to the Internet World Conference at the LA Convention Center and looked at one of the magazine handouts which had an article on "hot" new internet companies and one mentioned was CMGI. LOL :D True. Ha. The chart accompanying the article showed it had tripled in a few months. Caught my attention. And I said to myself, "Hey, I can make some good money trading these stocks." LOL. And here I am. :D
    I spent a few months this last year updating my digital graphics and web design skills - Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. But when it comes right down to it I prefer trading. No customers to deal with. :D Good luck to you. :)
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  8. Thanks for all the help!!! That's exactly what I was looking for. If any of you think of something else please let me know.
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  9. Out of curiosity, how much total cost would it be around to design a simple website?

    If I need updates to the website down the road, can any web site designer do it or does the original web site designer have to do it?
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    Anywhere from $20 to $2000 for the exact same work, depending on who's doing it. You can get a golf lesson from me for $20 but if you want one from Tiger ... well, you get the idea

    anyone can update your site - if they know how

    some guys still do scripts in perl - at one time it was the most popular, now php is

    but a simple site won't need anything fancy and most anyone can update it

    have it done just right and you will have a admin area where you can update it yourself unless you won't major changes
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