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  1. What's biometric email?
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  2. we allow your PKI information to be secured with your fingerprint. The PKI platform is used for your email.
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  3. Why are you talking here like you're a consumer of the company and then two posts from this one it comes out that you are involved with them?

    Very bad web etiquette.
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  4. for most people:

    -the emoticons
    -my "unbiased" comment
    -followed almost immediately by posts stating i am with the company

    would convey the fact that i do work for them - and that i have somewhat of a sense of humor.... :cool: :D
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  5. Looks like it all got deleted!
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  6. yeah - they probably thought it was spam.
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  7. Any good software for designing a website yourself without
    any experience ?
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  8. range


    I have used www.networksolutions.com for hosting/design, and they are OK for someone without any experience. There are probably better ones that I do not know of.
    #38     Aug 8, 2006
  9. lindq


    www.getacoder.com. Post your project and you'll receive responses from around the world. Some of these folks are very talented and inexpensive.
    #39     Aug 8, 2006
  10. birdman


    yes, plenty

    check downloads.com to see which is most popular or many host and registrars have a simple online software you can use

    but the best one depends on what you are wanting to accomplish

    that last post about using getacoder.com was the best advice

    http://rentacoder.com is even more popular

    or my personal favorite is http://scriptlance.com I've used them over a dozen times

    but if all you want is a blog you can use Googles Blogger.com software for free. They will host if for free or you can buy a name pay a host and still use their software

    Most people prefer wordpress as the best blog software but there are many good free ones
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