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    About web site designers... there's a low bar for admittance into the profession... all someone needs is a computer & ISP. I've seen a lot of people who don't even know how to spell "website" or don't even know basic HTML coding actually get work designing sites for mom & pop operations. My guess is that they're cheap. Ultimately though, the sites they design are coded very inefficiently, though they may look OK on the surface. Down the road when you know better, that means redoing the whole site from practically scratch to get it up to speed.

    A criteria for choosing a web site designer would be to find someone who has built sites exactly like the one you have in mind, that is, with the specific function of the site in mind. For example, is it to be a blog? Is it to host a shopping cart? Will you have hundreds of products and want to therefore have a database driven site? Does the designer know how to write javascript to make your site interactive? Do they understand how to use style sheets? Do they know what a "script call" is? Do they know how to use SSI? Do they know how to script PHP and other CGI scripts? Or are they instead so heavily dependent on FrontPage and Dreamweaver that they don't really know HTML (newbies!)? Surf around and find similar sites that not only look good and clean and professional to you, they also are functioning along the same lines as what you want your site to do, and the navigation throughout the site is easy to understand and impliment. Then get in touch with that designer (they may have a link at the bottom of the home page) or contact the webmaster for the recco.
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    gms: >>> Since the monopoly was lifted from network solutions permitting other companies to register domains, the price has come down, but not at network solutions. Network solutions charges a premium, and this is not a service where the more you pay, the better off you are. <<<

    Rich: I've been doing this a long time, too, and one lesson I've learned is don't f* around over $10.

    Agreed. However, I'll use someone other than NSI, just on principle. I've had, for the most part, good experience with BulkRegister.com... but they're really not set up for the novice who'll just register one domain.

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    Hello, let me give my vote as well to godaddy....

    I registered a domain using domainsbyproxy.
    It keeps my name private form any whois search.
    They appear as registrant, tech, admin contacts.
    I carefully read the agreement before to sign, there is no way to them to steal your domain.... You still keep the domain as well as DNS control...
    Finally a good service I would say, and I trust godaddy....

    for the hosting, as nowadays most hosting plans looks the same and games are played on pennies, let me advice www.venturesonline.com for the great reilability and support offered.

    If you want to learn more anyway get a look to www.webhostingtalk.com and you will find a complete literature on it.

    Hope it helps

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  4. I know a guy that does amazing web design, html, flash, backed, etc, the whole works, for around $30/hr. PM me if your interested.
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  5. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I could certainly offer my help as far as design goes... I'm not a web page designer by profession, but it is a hobby and I enjoy helping people out. Here's my personal site that I do just for fun. Like I said, I'm no expert, but I'm always willing to help a fellow ETer.

    -The link is now fixed....sorry-
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  6. Anyone familiar with Register.com ?

    Looking for webhost for a rather simple website. Some streaming video may be involved.

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    Anyone know any hosts who offer Microsoft Outlook as their webmail? I haven't found a webmail that has impressed me. I only know of one and its not very stable.
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  9. StartLogic.com

    These guys have great reviews.. Any comments form ETs who host their websites with this company?

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    I use hostgator.com for hosting and aplus.net for registration.

    Another important note is that you should not host with your registrar.

    Better to keep them seperate as it makes things easier when you want to change hosting. It also makes sure that you dont do something that lets them own the domain.
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