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  1. virgin


    5$ a year with Godaddy ?!
    Won't be able to sell ?!

    Man, stop your misinformation campaign,please. :eek:
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  2. So I assume you can sell your domain name for the big bucks (if that were to happen), even though you register it with godaddy?
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  3. Yes, it will be yours to sell or transfer at will. Domains bring very little ... a couple thousand tops for a really good one. If you have a really great one that you've being sitting on for years such as one that happens to be a corp. name or product, most likely you'll be sued for squating on it.
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  4. SarahG


    No you can't. You don't own it. godaddy owns it. You are a co-owner. You have to sign up with www.netsol.com in order to have full ownership rights to your domain. None of the big companies such as ebay, amazon, and even elite trader, etc... are signed up with godaddy. They are all signed up with netsol.com because they wan't full resell rights in case the opportunity arrised and because they are smart businesses being ran by smart executives.

    Bargain hunters and people who are making domains just for fun, and who aren't serious about their website business sign up with godaddy. For instance, students, small business start ups, personal home pages, learning, testing, etc...Serious business owners sign up with notsol.com
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  5. SarahG


    No you won't get sued. That is false inormation. The guy that owned www.whitehouse.com never was sued. He was making over 1 million a year from his domain name. Anybody who is interested about it can read about here. http://www.answers.com/topic/whitehouse-com

    Paranoid people always think everybody is out to sue them. Get real. Nobody is sueing people for owning a domain name. And if they are sueing, then they are wasting their money. Because anybody can sue anyone for anything. But it doesn't mean they will win. 99% of those cases get dismissed and thrown out of court. Paranoid people always have to ruin it for everybody.

    Go get your domain and have fun. You can sign up with godaddy.com for 5.00 a year or netsol.com for 35.00 a year. godaddy.com makes it easy for beginners. So I recommend them if somebody is just learning.
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  6. At the risk of having to long of a post I've shortened both replies of:
    Sarah, I can appreciate your obvious wanting to help. However, I can ASSURE YOU that you are wrong. VERY WRONG.

    1. godaddy doesn't own shit. It is yours. Yours. YOURS. As long as your yearly/monthly fees are paid up, you can do whatever you want with it. Sell, trade, give, barter....ANYTHING YOU WANT. IT IS YOURS.

    2. If you have managed to register a domain name of something that is copyrighted or trademarked (cocacola.com for instance) then cocacola may ABSOLUTELY FILE to have you give them the domain name. And they WILL win. It's not about money at that point, it's about you giving them the domain name. If you were using the cocacola domain to make money then you can ABSOLUTELY be sued for copyright infringement but that has nothing to do with the domain name. Much like you could be sued if you drove around with their logo on your car passing out sodas.

    3. netsol is EXACTLY LIKE godaddy. It's also EXACTLY LIKE the other 450 or so companies that are accredited to sell domain names. There is NOTHING DIFFERENT ABOUT THEM other than the amount of money they charge and apparently they can because people like you, actually think they ARE more 'official' than any of the other companies....

    You speak with great authority so you obviously have chosen to believe the lies that were once told to you.... Or...you have 'researched' the subject yourself and believe that makes you an authority and hence are making 'recommendations'...

    Either way, you are 100% wrong in just about everything you said on this matter so please take this opportunity to learn the correct information so that in the future, should you choose to educate 'beginners' like yourself, and you are no doubt, one of them, you do not spread such garbage.
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  10. Thanks!
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