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  3. Do you have to pay monthly web hosting fees if you want to just register a domain name, but not develop a web site?

    Is godaddy recommended by anyone?
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  4. Yes, godaddy is fine for domain name registration.

    No, you don't need to pay for hosting to register a domain name. Optionally, you can just park it.
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  6. The cheap hosting plans are shared hosting and therefore are fine for simple websites. You can even get away with some PHP/MySQL or ASP/SQL server stuff if you need but all of the caveats of shared hosting apply.

    You do not get root access as far as I remember; only FTP, so that may have a bearing on what you can do.

    There are also some limitations on MySQL installations e.g. you will not be able to enable search features if you are planning to run a Drupal site last time I checked.

    For mission-critical e-commerce sites, VPS or dedicated hosting is best in which case I would personally go with someone other than GoDaddy - although they do offer these options.

    In summary, it depends what your needs are. There are websites and then there are websites. If all you want is a blog or simple website and you aren't worried about 5 9s uptime and all the other bells and whistles then it may well fit your needs - you can always scale up as required at a later date.

    Support is OK but I've never really needed any; if you are a newbie, then you may value and need support more. There is a fairly extensive online knowledge base if you are comfortable with self-service.
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  8. I never used them but I haven't heard any compaints about them. Not sure if this is true or not. But if you register a domain at godaddy or other domain hosting, and then if your domain names becomes popular one day that somebody offers you alot of money for it, like 1M or even 100K. Then you won't be able to sell it because it does not belong to you. It belongs to godaddy.com and you are subleasing the domain from them. That is why it only cost less than $5.00 a year at godaddy. But if you sign up with your damin at www.netsolutions.com for $35.00 a year. Then you can sell your domain for the high price because it belongs to you. That might be something you want to consider before buying a domain.
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    And of course, wrong once more ... the web address is netWORKsolutions.com.

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