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  1. Nothing at all. You moving the site to another host.
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  2. That's the biggest display of ignorance I've seen in a long time.

    First of all, what ever *professional* designed the site has a copy ready to upload to a new server.

    Secondly, that same professional will provide you with a copy on disk. Also, if you have any data or BD on the server whoever is caharged with admin will have copies of that too.

    Thirdly, this is why you bite the bullet and have a professional do the site ... not a $250 hack.

    If you were to find out that your current hosting company was going bust with no advanced warning (extremely unlikely) you can have the site back up in 2 - 4 hours tops.

    Good hosting companies almost never go out of business ... they are either bought, merge or take over another good hosting company.
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  3. question:

    i have tried to pull up flash pages of several old websites of mine from the web archives as i "may" want to relaunch one of these days--- the flash material is missing---- is this retrievable?
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  4. he sent me several of his pieces--- it looks very very good for the price. Particullarly, since he is willing to do the work prior to being paid--- he is likely just trying to ramp up his business and build a portfolio, nothing wrong with this.

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  5. You mean retrievable from the net somewhere like in a cache? I'm 95% sure not....how long ago was it?

    also...I'm very curious to see this guys work, PM me the links
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  6. I'm not a ten year old kid. Most likely by the tone of mytwocents posts, I'm old enough to be her parent. That is very unprofessional of her to say these mean things about somebody who is offereing to make websites for traders for free.

    I did respond to mytwocents back. I responded to a few peop;le who are interested in me making sites for them.

    mytwocents is my competition who is not a very nice girl. She said in her email that she is my competition and she demanded what I charge for websites. Read her email below. She is on here telling people not to trust somebody who is offering their services for free when she charges you a fortune.

    It makes no sense to tell somebody not to trust somebody who will make you a website for free. It cost you nothing. Most of these website designers charge you up front and then leave you with a premade template that looks like 500 other sites that you are unhappy with.

    There are lots of website designers that will overcharge innocent people. And it looks like mytwocents is one of them.

    I am not a website designer. I am a daytrader who spends alot of time on the computer and who happens to know how to make websites and makes them for a hobby. I am only trying to help out fellow traders that need help with their websites because I know there are people like "mytwocents" who take advantage of naive people when it comes to makeing websites and they overcharge them.

    I never ask for money up front and if you dont' like my work, then you don't have to pay. If I feel it is so simple of a project then I will teach you how to do it yourself for free and if you still don't want to make it yourself, then I'll make it for you for free. And yes, it only takes 2 days. Why would it take longer if I am in front of my computer anyways? If somebody tells you that it will take longer than two days to make a website, then go look somewhere else to give your business to.

    Here is what she emailed me below. She is just my competition who is a bitter and angry girl at her competition. She doesn't sound like a very professional web designer herself since she admits that she doesnt' know what to charge below.

    mytwocents email to me:

    As someone who also does websites, I'm curious to see what $250 will get you (I end up doing them for free because I have no idea what to charge, but I'd love to see some examples)

    Lauren (mytwocents)
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  7. Yes it is retrievable most of the time. If the site was up for at least a few months, then it probably got archived. Go to www.archive.org and put the website URL into the search box of the flash site you are trying to find.
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  8. sites are there, but flash is not. any ideas?
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  9. So now you’re making them for free? I thought it was for $250?
    You can’t have it both ways, either I don’t know what to charge or I charge a fortune….pick one. Listen, if you’re willing to make a webpage complete with javascript and flash (which apparently you are because each of the sites you sent me included one or both of them) which would mean you’d have to not only come up with the text, and menus, but you’d also have to create all the graphics, and only charge $250 which you wouldn’t even ASK for until this stranger on the internet was satisfied, then I guess you have a lot of free time and are really bored.….and unless you’re planning on sitting at your computer for 24 hours a day for 2 days straight then that’s not gonna happen especially if you’re trading.
    Um, but isn’t that what you’re offering? A template that looks like every other webpage? Only difference being you get paid at the end of day 2?
    Yeah, I take advantage hence why I said and YOU quoted
    "I end up doing them for free because I have no idea what to charge"
    You know if I got preggers after having sex with some guy a met at bar one night whose last name I can’t remember, and wanted to have an abortion I have a few options….I can go to a medical doctor who is licensed to practice in the United States and has all the required equipment and is 100% clean and I’ll probably pay a hefty fee…or I could go to some back alley 'doctor' who is licensed to be a chiropractor but dabbles in the abortion business and I’ll pay a somewhat high fee...Or I could go to my closet, pull out a wire hanger and ask a "friend" who has perhaps seen one done on the internet and ask them to do it for me and for the trouble I’ll buy em a drink…Or, I could have them show me how one is done and then do it to myself….for free

    Now obviously we aren’t talking life and death here but the point is that the better quality your work, the more you can and SHOULD charge because in the case of websites, if all sites were cheap, then everyone would do them and they’d all look the same.
    I am not your competition, not even close. And you may very well be old enough to be my parent but I'm not sure what that matters. I don't design sites as a profession, and part of that is because I never know what to charge people even though I know for a fact that companies will pay $12g just for the site DESIGN and not the implementation. If we’re talking implementation than again, I know for a fact a company that paid $90g, so you see, I was curious to know what the difference in quality was between such numbers.

    I didn’t DEMAND you tell me anything, you gave the price and offered examples, that’s what I was ASKING for, not demanding… unless you’re using babelfish to translate this then you aren’t understanding the difference.

    But in fairness you did PM me back, for some reason it didn't show til now...and you're saying that you made those sites? the two links that you sent? Regardless....my statement was based on the fact that you're posting so-called 'factual' statements as if you are an authority when clearly, you are not.

    I'm a very nice girl, so you’re wrong there and I promise you there are people on here who will vouch for that.
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  10. I'm sure you do promise and I'm sure there are lots of guy on here that will vouch for that just like you said.

    But remember that that there are other ways for you to earn a living besides being a nice girl to the men on this site. You can get a real job and punch a time clock besides laying on your back and finding johns on daytrading sites like this one to pay your bills.

    You got issues.
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