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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pa(b)st Prime, Apr 9, 2007.

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  2. I have account with godaddy.com, you seem to be genius :confused:

    Can you tell me how to get $5 to register a domain?
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  3. No. I'm not telling you how to do nothing after you insulted me. You need to learn manners. If you ask people for help then don't insult them first. Your answer is nooooo.
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  5. Prime - I suppose it depends on what you are looking for. I personally would not touch the template sites as your site will have a template look and feel. Maybe it's a good place to start if doing it yourself.

    If you want a pro to do it, I would guess you are looking at $500-$2000/mo depending on how much work and design you need. I found it really depends on if you need it to constantly update and change, if there is behind the scenes work going on, etc.
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  6. PBR,

    I own a web-services company. Here's my advice: if you want professional work, you need a professional, otherwise a template/student/etc. might get you by. It all depends how valuable your time is and what you want the end product to be.


    edit: For a pro, it depends on the complexity of the site. for a quality unique design expect to pay 5-10k USD. Logo design is another 1k USD. If you want database integration, the bill rate is 65-85 USD / hr. and the total of course depends on what your goals are.
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  8. Is it possible to get a website for around $500? If so, any recommendations where? I don't need anything fancy;just something simple to show clients that I have a website. It won't be used for purchasing anything off of it.
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  9. Vinnie,

    I used domainspricedright.com Google it. I'll tell you why. I called customer service three times on different days & times, to check out if they answer the phone and answer dumb questions. They are helpful.No problems at all. Then I signed up, forget the price now, maybe less than 200. It always up and running.
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  10. Also, it is easy to upgrade to more web pages as needed, add a shopping cart etc.
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