Web Sight for the religous.

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  1. You misspelled website too.
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  3. I'm hopped up on pain pills at the moment. But the real question should be why doesn't spell check work.

  4. Sight is not a misspelling in and of itself, I guess.

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    Ouch. Hope you're ok.

    Those things goof me up too when I had to take them. I was taking Dilaudid for awhile (20 times stronger than morphine, 8 times stronger than heroin) and simply could not function in any capacity as a human being. Fun for the first day, sucked after that. Worse than death in a sense.
  6. What happened to you to warrant such strong medications? Of course, if it's too personal, no problem?

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    I got a resistant staph infection and I'm allergic to anything that could kill it, Penicillin, Vancomycin etc.

    The allergy was unknown until they tried to give me Vancomycin IV infusion and I got anaphylaxis and had cardiac collapse in the infusion clinic. Not exactly a heart attack but the heart just stops working and the body shuts down.

    Scared the crap out me too lol. :D You know its bad when a hospital has to call an ambulance to take you to...another hospital.

    There is a new antibiotic called Zyvox and that took care of it but it was $50.00 per pill and I had to take one twice a day. My insurance paid for it though.
  8. Pretty scary stuff, hope you have fully recovered?

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