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  1. A few months ago I ditched the DSL service I had used on one pc and connected both pc's via a router to my cable service. One of them works fine, the other runs QCharts ok, but occasionally it takes a minute or two to start a browser download. I know the internet connection is ok, because QCHarts is running in the background and the other pc can websurf with no problems. This is an intermittent problem, most of the time it is fine. What happens is I will click something and nothing happens, then eventually it will download. Usually, it will clear up in a few minutes. Rebooting does not help. Any ideas? O/s is win98, it is an old pc, 166 dell with 64 meg of ram.
  2. Have the same problem you mentioned. Back when I had only one PC on the cable modem, rebooting it would fix this. Now with a router between my PCs and the cable modem reboots do nothing since the router holds on to the cable ISP's DHCP IP address (hows that for acronyms?). Your router should have a way for you to renew the IP address lease from the cable service. Probably a web address to access the router's control setup via one of your PCs.
    If this makes no sense, post your router mfg./part# and I'll try to be more specific.
  3. smitty,

    I understand what you're saying and in fact learned a fair amount about that subject from your comments on the other thread. However, if that was the problem, wouldn't both pc's be affected by it? My second pc works fine. It's almost like the first one can't get recognized by the router. But programs that don't go through the browser seem unaffected.
  4. Sorry, I didn't catch that. You're right, all net based stuff would suffer if the IP lease was the problem.
    Is it possible that the browser settings are different on the problem PC?
    in Internet Explorer: Tools->Internet Options->Connections->Lan Settings

    Newer versions of Internet Explorer have a self-repair option if you go through the Add/Remove programs process. Do this as if you want to unsinstall IE, the final pop-up will give you the option to try repairing it.
    That's all I can think of for a browser only problem on one PC.

    If no luck here, could you install an older version of Netscape or possibly Opera on the problem PC? Maybe a different browser installed under your current settings would behave better.
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  5. Most routers can at least be telneted to via their inside IP address and you should be able to login to the router and force a reset that way at the very least.

    Best solution is a cable router - then you don't have a separater cable modem and a router - the cable router connects to the coax on one side and has a mini-100 Mb ethernet hub on the other. All operations are integrated, so there's less chance for the overall connection path to get out of sync.
  6. I am having exactly the same problem, cable modem, d-link wireless router, with 2 pc's hardwired to the router, Internet Explorer on main machine quits after so many hours, all other internet programs still function ok. Other machine with about 1/2 the speed and ram never has a problem. Reboot machine #1 and ok for a few hours. Cable people, Dell, D-Link, and MS all point at each other. No surprise there.
  7. You guys have me stumped... The last suggestion I can think of would be to eliminate DHCP from your router to the problem PC - assign static IPs to the troublemakers.
    Not sure that's of any value to you... just grasping at straws here.
    As a last resort you could post the question in the comp.dcom.modem.cable newsgroup - surely someone else has figured this out.
    Good Luck,
  8. Well at least I know not to try to solve it through them. Regarding the rebooting, does it always straighten you out, because sometimes it seems to help me and sometimes not. I'm beginning to think it is just the time it takes to reboot that "solves" the problem.
  9. Smitty,

    Thanks for suggestion. I may just add another pc to use exclusively for web browsing. Who knows what crap I've picked up in this old one.
  10. Any chance that you have a more general network problem? When the flaky PC is having web problems, can it still do file transfers over the network at normal speed? It could be the NIC (if rebooting helps) or a flaky cable (if rebooting does not help).

    Good luck!
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