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  1. I use unix machines and firefox.
    I currently use optionsxpress and ameritrade, but need to do strategy based trading.

    IB doesn't seem to have a firefox based client(they only support IE)

    any good brokers outthere you'd recommend?

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    Where did you see this? It's a Java based application, and it shouldn't be browser dependent. I didn't find any information about this on the site either.
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    I think they have a browser based AND a stand alone trading platform.
    I use the latter, but in the past,
    I have used the IE web-based version at a remote location, such as Kinko's
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    O.K., I see what you're doing. I agree that Webtrader does not work with Firefox. IB's primary trading client is TWS, not Webtrader, and TWS runs both standalone and under Firefox. As I understand it, the main difference between Webtrader and TWS is that TWS requires a Java Virtual Machine, whereas Webtrader will run from any computer with Windows/IE6. I recommend trying TWS either standalone or with Firefox. I prefer standalone.
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    I understand. Sorry, I thought you were using TWS, but you are actually talking about WebTrader.
    I agree, it's not very nice. I assume they need some fancy DHTML feature that only IE has.
    If you don't have a JVM to run TWS you should indeed look somewhere else
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  8. awesome! thx

    it works in firefox
    but I wonder if it has all the good functionalities one would expect

    how to test drive this?

    dont need any real data, but checking functionalities would be good
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