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  1. Hi All,

    Unfortunately my last thread was deleted by the moderator thinking I was advertising.

    Soo, I would like to re-post my question and hopefully not get it deleted as advertising.

    Does anyone out there use web-based e-newsletters for trading. I have an account and some time to dedicate to my trading, but also work a full time job (no worries, not looking to get into trading full time).

    So for the less expensive news letters such as

    trend index and timing 4 dollars,

    does anybody have experience with these, opinions about them, or others they have found useful?

    Thanks for your time in this.
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    As a rule, it is best to trade your own ideas and your own plan. If you are searching, learning to analyse and trade, the letters might build bad habits.

    An objective interesting one is done by markethistory.

    It is based on statistical probabilities of price developement.
  3. Thanks,

    looks like an interesting site, do you know what the difference be between makethistory and the others?

    As for developing ones own strategy, do you feel it better to trade something like an index fund (ProFund or Rydex) for example, or work with individual stocks?
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    That is your call. Become a specialist in what you find interesting and feel comfortable with. Some peple trade funds and become really knowlegable and expert on funds, and do well. Some will do individual stocks, which is likely much more efficient and giving you many more opportunities across many sectors.

    Then again I am not the person to ask as I do not trade equities, in an active way, and have never bought or sold a fund.

    Take the time to read some good classic books on trading, investing, and avoid tipster sheets is the only personal advice I could give. Others might feel differently.
  5. Does this website, markethistory.com, deal with trading in funds such as Rydex and ProFunds ?
    Everything requires a login ID , can't have a peek at what they actually do :mad:

    To reply to the thread originator's question, I agree that you should definitely avoid using tipster sheets to make investment decisions . But you can learn a great deal from newsletters in addition to reading your investment and trading classics. And you can find a lot of free stuff on the web.
    for ex:

    you just have to look around and bookmark interesting websites, that last one has a nice links section

    If someone has a link to a good service advising on funds, please post
  6. Timing4dollars ? they claim 260% annualized since 2001 with what seems to be only 2:1 leverage. Does that sound realistic to you ? How about learning about market timing by yourself for ex. at Decision Point as the previous poster suggested? Lots of good stuff there but no hand holding :D
  7. Thanks all for the advice, the decision point site is really good, very interesting for Technical Analysis explanations.

    I have also just purchased reminisces of a stock operator, and am looking forward to getting into it.

    I have been finding the web to be a confusing maze (isn't it always) especially in regards to technical analysis techniques. Essentially everyone is claiming massive returns, and everything costs money.

    I purchase Markman's book on Swing Trading which was more confusing than necessary, so turned here, plus the news letters ideas (I have subscribed to none so far), more as a learning technique than anything, which is what I was thinking trendindex . net would be.

    Lost in the volume of information

  8. The other thing I was hoping to find were screening tools, once I figured out what I was looking for, so thought some of these sites may be useful for screening securities.
  9. Stockfetcher and Telechart TC2005 are inexpensive screening tools. stockcharts.com and clearstation.com have some free screens that are interesting.
  10. Try out http://www.trstockalerts.com for their swing trading stock alerts and technical analysis as they are issued in real-time via e-mail. You get nearly real-time alerts for the entry and exits (the only delay is the e-mail system which normally appears to execute pretty quickly) as well as daily mid-day and end-of-day/pre-market bulletins regarding the health or direction of the market, along with watch lists There is also a weekend report newsletter and technical analysis article. All newsletters are sent out by e-mail but archived at the web site as well.

    Tom Esterly runs the web site and actually does all the trades in his own account, which are recorded to the TRStockAlerts database in addition to being e-mailed out (as soon he does his own trades) and cross-posted to their message board. Subscribers can do date range reporting on any open or closed stock alerts that have been issued based on several filter criteria. Members can also use the web site to issue their own recommendations which are automatically cross-posted to their message board.

    If you wanted a way to record your own paper trades to a database to gauge your performance you can use their web site to issue your own recommendations and when you close your own alert, the percentage gain is automatically calculated for you in.

    There is also a chat room but it is not heavily trafficked.

    There is a 30-day free trial for the newsletter that does not require your manual intervention to cancel, and you can request a free trial login/password from Tom.

    Let me know if you need more information, I am a long term subscriber.
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