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    Would anyone know of a provider of web-based charting (java or otherwise) that has streaming customizable charts? I am only looking for e-mini charts only for this purpose. If you can include costs as well that would be great. I'm at work so I can't download any software on my workstation.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I will look into this, thank you. I also found Market Q by ESignal, but they want $120/month just for EMini streaming charts, which is ridiculous...
  3. I used to use prophet.net, and was very happy with them if you just want charting (including futures). I think their service is pretty sophisticated (but doesn't get into things like backtesting, etc.).
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    Yeah, I dont need anything but streaming live charts for the ES contract. I'll look at these guys too, thank you.
  5. Sign up for an account at Thinkorswim.com. No need to fund. Access can be through their desktop or web based platform.
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    Are they live though? If it's only a demo account?
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    Prorealtime is an option, if you want to use it for ordering through IB, you need the TWS workstation running, which does not run through a firewall typically.
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    I cannot vouch for them but I saw an ad for www.ontick.com

    They say they have live streaming charting.
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    also, www.bestfreecharts.com

    again I have never used this either but you can access it in your browser and it is streaming.
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