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  1. Does anyone know of a futures broker that offers a web based platform? Sometimes I am in an office where I can not download trading software so just seeing if there are any web based ones out there, thanks.
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    While direct access is our forte, IB has a web trader (along with the iphone app iTWS and other mobile solutions such as blackberry which have been getting very nice reviews) which could work for you. Links below:

  3. I will look at IB, but was mostly looking at places like Mirus, globalfutures or other discount brokers or whatever you call them.
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  5. I have yet to see an IB that offers the onyx web based platform, if you know of one please let me know.
  6. eh I think I just got a demo of it but it was Turbo Trader 2? Is that like a renamed version of it (white label or whatever they say).....eh keeps disconnecting and such, think I'll stick with thinkorswim.
  7. RJO Futures provides Web OE and also support CQG's web platform.
    Consolidates your trading and clearing at one firm.
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    PFG Best Direct has a web based version. I haven't tried it, but it's an option. It's offered through several brokerage firms.

  9. Variance Futures offers 4 web based order entry systems:

    1. T4 Platform - has 3 versions: Desktop, Web & iPhone Trader - all integrated with the same acct.

    3. LiquidexTrader - both desktop & Web

    2. CQG Trader - both desktop & Web

    4. The old Ran order interface

    I think that #1 & #2 are pretty good if you have no choice and have to trade through a browser.