web based email - what is the best

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  1. I use register.com for web based email, but I cannot download my outlook Exp address book.

    Is there are web based email system that operates like OE online.

    many thanks
  2. Gmail lets you import/export contacts (using a CSV file). I don't think you need an invite to sign up any more either.
  3. Thank you datamerc.
    Is gmail secure or can google dip into your account and read the mail?
  4. I dont know but why would they want to?
  5. FL9

    Gmail is secure and wonderful!
  6. Do I gather that you do not use OE or Thunderbird but rather solely use Gmail for all your mail.
  7. I use gmail and OE but the bulk of my mail is handled by gmail.
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    Does anyone know how to get g-mail to text a specific incoming email to a cell phone?

  9. gmail is good, just takes a little getting used to at first, esp if you are used to the Outlook setup.

    Example - they call your emails 'conversations' so when you reply to an email, it's now a conversation. If you delete that email from the sent mail folder, it could also be deleted from the inbox as well b/c it's 'one' conversation.

    It's not bad, just have to get used the setup.

    The nice thing is how much other stuff is integrated as well - google calendars are incredible if you need an online calendar that others can view and/or add to it. You can make your calendar public or private and invite certain people to be able to see it. Works great here around the house coordinating schedules now.
  10. It is possible to use OE or Tbird with Gamil - alternatively just use web interface.

    Everyone I know is happy to use the web interface.

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