Weather Futures brokers

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  1. Anyone know which brokers deal in Weather Futures? I tried asking Help from the CME site, but didn't get a reply.
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    I know this much that the liquidity in that mkt both exchange traded & OTC especially OTC has dried up considerably.

    Alot of firms rolling up.
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    sounds interesting......but dont think retailers can trade these right now

  4. moondog


    anyone can trade these things my brother is short some but no liquidity
  5. is a basic site, and i'm sure you can set up a custom contract to mimic exchange contracts/swaps. Not sure about spreads, ect.

    Weatherbill reminds me of dealing in retail forex vs. exchange traded forex futures.

    If you are looking to go OTC I might have a couple of resources for you. PM me if interested.
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    what happens when you take delivery of hurricane futures :p
  7. They send over the big bad wolf, and he huffs and puffs and huffs and puffs until your house gets blown down.
  8. It's similar to the tv commercial for GE where an Italian boy brings home a "jar of wind", opens it inside the house and everything blows away. Cute and sappy!
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    I wish it was something anyone could trade. In the past, some of my most profitable futures trades were actually bets on weather.

    I've tried signing up there before. If you try to register as an individual with a net worth less than $5 million, it tells you that you are not qualified to trade.
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