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    Monday 07/09/2012

    Weather comments

    Several times this year I have expressed concern in this forum about the extreme nature and volitility of the weather patterns we have been experiencing in the US this past winter and spring and the concern that a continuation of this type of pattern into summer could be quite concerning for crops. However the weather patterns that we have experienced during the past few weeks goes beyond my expectations.
    We are now looking a a combination of heat and drought affecting most of the Midwest and southern US which is the worse since 1988 and in some parts of the southern and eastern Midwest is as extreme as that observed durintg the Dust Bowl years of the middle 1930's. 2012 has become a benchmark year of Midwest drought which will be referred to in the years to come.

    The extreme heat has now broken in the Midwest and much of the southern US. Rainfall with this break in the heat has been very limited in the Midwest and is expected to remain so, however the southern US will do a little better in the coming days.

    The next forecast issue will come during the 6-10 day period. Both the US and European models indicate a rebuilding of the ridge back into the central US. However exactly where the ridge sets up which will define where the hottest weather occurs is uncertain. However it does appear to us that the bias on where the ridge sets up will be further to the north than it was last week. This could put more stress on corn and soybeans in the major growing states of Iowa and Minnesota which have been faring the best so far this growing season as the core of the hot/dry weather has been over the southern and eastern Midwest.


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