We’re Six Months From Prosperity!!!! Really!!!!

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    I'm not a cramer fan never was never will be I just get a kick out of what he says and just like to pass it on to other readers. He is saying the economy is only 6 short months away from Prosperity, meaning we have completely turned the entire crisis around and now ready for the biggest run in our economy since ohhhhhh the last crisis just 18 months ago. I could understand if it was 18 years ago, even 8 years ago, but to completely turn the biggest crisis in history around in only months doesn't really make sense. All they have done is patch the problem, if they had let it run its course without any intervention and let the pieces of the puzzle fall where they were SUPPOSE to fall I would think differently of this turn around, to me this is all an illusion, its all a quick fix just to prop the economy up to make everyone believe the economy is once again headed to prosperity. This is all manipulation playing up the economy to make it look like a new start to a fresh economy.

    Go back to 2007 when the dow was at 14k+ and ask cramer what his outlook was, I can damn guarantee you it was more jobs, better corporate earnings, higher stock prices, huge GDP growth, another 20% run in stocks and more hype. He hasn't a fucking clue where things are headed, I wish I recorded all of his shows in 2007 when the market was moving higher and there after as they were sinking and he was yelling for people to buy the dips, he didn't tell you in 2007 markets would drop 50%+ from their highs. He said housing was fine and sub prime was contained. This market is being pumped and hyped to no end at this very second, everyone must be high on all that free money they are throwing at wall street and big banks to invest in overpriced stocks. I think im going to start recording some his shows so I can play them back after the next downfall in the economy and market.

    Cramer: We’re Six Months From Prosperity
    Published: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 | 6:45 PM ET
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    By: Tom Brennan
    Web Editor, Mad Money

    The market is never late, Cramer said Tuesday, it’s always early. And given the way stocks are acting now, he thinks we’re in for a great end of the year.

    Cramer said the market is about as close as we’ll get to a crystal ball, and what he’s seeing right now is job creation. He specifically pointed to the import figures released this morning, which indicated so much demand that increased hiring is virtually inevitable. After all, someone’s going to have to make the goods being ordered.

    This is apparent among the automakers, oil and gas companies, tech firms and even the federal government. All of these sectors will put people to work, whether it’s due to increased demand or stimulus spending – finally – kicking in. How would investors have known this was coming before this mornings import numbers? By watching the related stocks, all of which have been ramping.

    And then there’s housing, with Sherwin Williams [SHW 72.33 0.02 (+0.03%) ], Masco [MAS 16.14 0.03 (+0.19%) ], Home Depot [HD 34.34 0.86 (+2.57%) ], Fortune Brands [FO 52.05 1.00 (+1.96%) ] and Whirpool [WHR 92.13 -2.31 (-2.45%) ] on the rise. Cramer thinks these companies are announcing good news, too. Housing starts can’t go any lower, he said, without creating a shortage. And J.P. Morgan went so far as to say we’d see a shortage in 2011, citing everything from population growth to increased household formation. That would allow for much-needed home-price appreciation, which Cramer has said is the real driver for a housing recovery.

    Beyond stocks, Cramer also said he thinks the economy is so robust, TARP has been such a success and tax receipts will be so much higher than expected that the budget deficit won’t be half the problem people are predicting.

    Of course, these predictions can’t be seen yet. Outside of the market, that is. And Cramer thinks it will be obvious by the end of the year that the recession has ended and the recovery’s in full swing.

    “The turn is at hand,” he told Mad Money viewers, and “we are six months away from you seeing the genuine prosperity that I am forecasting.”
  2. How are you any different with your god awful, the sky is falling comments? You have been bearish equities since spoo 666.
    Tell me when you get bullish please.

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    I was bearish equities since dow 14k all the way down.

    *Today I got rid of all my inverse ETFS and kept only my 3 long positions.

    So right now I am bullish according to my portfolio but not in my opinions. There is no need to go against this upward trend that is probably going to stay here a lot longer.

    DOW 12k-13k By June

    New highs in October 2010 to mark the 3 year anniversary of the downfall in equities.

    There is no need to sell, even after the bell YUM and UPS reported great earnings, as I said earlier 75%-80% of companies will beat earnings this quarter and most likely raise guidance.

    This bull market is ready to run higher!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dude ...we're 13 months into prosperity. Where have you been?
  5. Oh my god - you are bullish?
    The top is nigh...
    11,300 is about as high as she goes - we'll be back to 10k around summer time...

  6. I have simulated Cramer's state of mind by modeling +0.2% daily advance in SPY over the next 6 months. even with this meager advance we should get to above 150 by Oct 2010.
  7. There's a lot of little cliche things I could come up with about market opinions and actual trading.

    Like: Your dislike, distrust, and disagreement with that guy significantly larger than you does not mean you should fight him. In fact, you might be better off if you just stayed on his good side.