Wear BRASS Knuckles on the Road to Success

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  1. Good day,

    Last weekend we posted a statement from a newbie trader who trades
    with us. Within the first few minutes we had requests to see more
    from this person. She is a 1-3 lot trader that has been making
    between $50 and $200 a day. Thats about a 2% gain on her account in
    a SINGLE DAY which beats any savings account hands down. Can you
    make $1000 a day with a $8000 account? Maybe if your Borsalino.
    Consistant gains are possibile if you apply what you've learned
    with minimal emotions. If it will inspire you guys to stick to the
    plan, we will continue to update on her progress as she agrees.

    Below is are links to her statement pages from Infinity Brokerage.
    Of course, her sensitive information has been blurred out. Keep up
    the positive attitude and enjoy the rest of your evening.

    IMAGE LINK 1: http://puretick.com/images/03132007inf-1.jpg
    IMAGE LINK 2: http://puretick.com/images/03132007inf-2.jpg

    See everyone mañana
  2. Props to her and best wishes, but please also post when she gets stuck in a bad position LOSES a few month's gains. I think we all know how easy that would be to happen...

    We need to see both sides of the coin you know! Hey, we all make bad trades sometimes. I know I do! :D

    Regards and good trading to you.

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    Did she???
  4. Wayne Gibbous,

    All are traders make NO mistakes and are robots!! No seriously if that ever happens will definitely do so! No one is perfect.