Wear a mask if you care about your fellow human being ...

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    Wear a mask if you care about your fellow human being ... otherwise, don't. It's that simple.
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    Sure. Question. If you have an operation, do you want your surgeon to wear a mask? Why?
  3. If you wear yours, I don’t have to wear mine
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    And in a nutshell illustrates the attitude that has 300 people a day dying in Texas from Covid.
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  5. Actually, 800 - 900 were reported with new infections in the Dallas area today. but I am not aware of the numbers dying.

    I have seen on several occasions that the casualty rate is about .003% of the ones that are infected. Last month they reported that 40% of the ones that died were in nursing homes.

    I am not as selfish as I appear. I wear a mask when I go grocery shopping and get a haircut, but I don't wear one driving or walking down the sidewalk. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, get a little exercise, and take a few supplemental vitamins, I think most people will do well. I don't know anyone that has been infected. I don't know anyone who has been hospitalized.

    We have heard reports that the medical community is identifying people as positive for CV19 because they can bill insurance companies more money than if they are billed for the flu. When you hear coroners have been told to edit death certificates to list the cause of death as CV19 , when you hear that a man that died in a motorcycle accident had CV19 listed as the cause of death on his death certificate, and when you hear that a 'medical expert' on NBC, a practicing physician, contrived an on air journey of his CV19 hospitalization and recovery, only to learn that he never had the disease, you lose confidence in the medical community.

    I think the coronavirus is the biggest fraud that has ever been contrived.
    I don't doubt that it is infectious, but so was the SARS virus, Polio, H1N1 virus, Swine Flu and Avian Flu. I believe that it is a threat to the people that are already medically inclined to respiratory illness, but people that are generally healthy can overcome it as easily as the standard flu. A man was reported as being positive for the virus when he was never even tested. And other communities have reported 4 infections if one person takes 4 tests. It's getting hard to trust anyone.

    If you want to wear a mask and sing happy birthday for 20 seconds while you wash your hands go for it. But in the 2Q, the GDP fell 32%. Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost and they won't return. People in the medical community, Dr Fauci; should confine his remarks to medical recommendations and not suggesting that schools be shut down, the NFL should be restricted, crowds should be avoided etc..

    It may have been a medical issue in China, but it has become a political issue in the U.S.
    I could go on, but I won't . But if you are concerned with a cure, I'd like to suggest that a cure will be found and CV19 will cease to be an issue on the morning of 4 November, the day after the election, when it cannot be used to manipulate the public.
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    If you're a carrier, then you're condemning me to a roughly 70% chance of contracting the virus.
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    I assume you are referring to the US. But what of the rest of the world? Will it cease to be an issue worldwide on 11/4?
  8. I had 2 operations last year. Both times I became infected with god knows what and barely made it out of the hospital alive. I doubt if the surgeon wearing a mask helped at all. :mad:

    Plenty of people die in hospitals from infections. Most people dying from Covid-19 die in a hospital. The people working in hospitals are totally inept, that is why so many are dying in hospitals from Covid-19. It doesn't have anything to do with wearing a mask for not.
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    Amun Ra

    36,000 car fatalities per year. If you care about your fellow human being, don't drive. If you don't care, then do drive.

    It's that simple.
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