Weapons grade uranium found in Iran

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  2. I think we should use nukes to kill every man, woman and child in the country. I want those in the Middle east to fear us. Nothing else matters. It is cultural ... it is all they understand.

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    yep..it's cultural for US to do that..just come up with some random BS and invade..or better yet-nuke them,right? what threat Iran poses to US? i'm talking about direct threat for US citizens, ON US soil?
    i don't buy that 'preventive' BS.
    what threat Vietnam poses to US back in 60's? Cuba? Iraq?
  4. destroy them dont even give them a chance.

    America must not ignore the threat gathering against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof.
  5. There is hope on this forum. Thank gawd someone can think on this forum. Why don't we just mind out fucking busines for once. This country is in shambles in case no on had noticed. I have faith in the IDF, helll we give Israel a ton of foreign aid let them deal with it. Gawd I wish Ron Paul had a real chance.

    The biggests terroritsts on this planet is the US. How many governments have we toppled and how many innocents have we killed in the name of spreading democracry to people that don't even fucking want it. Democracry comes from the people not the tip of a gun. How's that Democracy working in Afganistan or Iraq? Working great for Haliburton whom relocated to Dubai to avoid taxes.

    The US is a war machine, just look at the last 50 years and like all previous empires we are bankrupt, just bidding time.

    Go ahead trolls attack my post I can think for myself unlike most in this country.
  6. You're talking about Congress, right?
  7. > Weapons grade uranium found in Iran

    Uhh, from the article,

    <i>In its latest report on Iran’s nuclear activity, the International Atomic Energy Agency said it had found traces of uranium enriched up to 27 per cent at the Fordow enrichment plant near Qom.

    That is substantially below the 90 per cent level needed to make the fissile core of nuclear weapons...</i>
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    I want Iran without the nukes but in that process the population should not suffer. Hence once the nuke sites are taken out, the US should end it all and not get any further involved. :D
  9. the 5 stars at the pentagon have a different idea.

    once the war machine is in motion, just a matter of moving the pawns around the board to the next middle east scruffle.

    you need a small time out so the bullet / missile guys can tool up the next batch.

    these guys never hit the unemployment lines.

    all smoke n' mirrors, coming soon to a theatre near you.

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    Regime change in Tehran is not happening easily. Further, Selfish O wants to get reelected, so it's kinda sticky for Panzers to roll on the highway to Tehran. :D
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