Weapon Of The Future?

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  1. Research comes from many different angles, when one style wears thin it's good to move on and find another. Following SEC filings can lead in some interesting directions. Case In Point. A valentines day message:
    IOTN Ionatron Inc (NASDAQ GM) 5.66 +0.30 ( +5.60%) 12:16 PM ET 2/14/07
    > SEC Filings
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    02/14/2007 N/A SC 13G/A Amended Statement of Ownership ... That's SAC capital of course. Now what's interesting is this is a little $6 high tech military play not exactly SAC - worthy material... you would think... Check this company out:
    >Company Description

    Ionatron Inc. was formed to develop and market Directed Energy Weapon products and other products incorporating its proprietary LIPC and related technologies. The Company's goal is to produce products that incorporate its technology for initial sale to U.S. Government customers for specific applications and platforms as well as to produce products for other commercial customers. Ionatron and the U.S. Government have entered into several contracts for products and services as well as Cooperative Research and Development Agreements for joint research on Laser Induced Plasma Channel based Directed Energy Weapons. The Company expects to offer U.S. Government approved versions of its products for other government and non-government commercial security applications in the future. It is a new technology Company working under contracts with agencies of the U.S. Government focused on national security. It has developed and demonstrated in its laboratory a novel, internally developed Directed Energy Weapon technology called LIPC. Its LIPC technology controls and directs electrical energy between two points. Its business strategy is to continue long-term development of the technology for multiple national security and defense applications, as well as to develop applications in commercial sectors. Its business is subject to various restrictive laws and regulations because it is a contractor and subcontractor to the U.S. Government. The Company's manufacturing operations are highly dependent upon the delivery of materials by outside suppliers in a timely manner. In addition, the Company depends in part upon subcontractors to assemble major components and subsystems used in its products in a timely and satisfactory manner. The Company has 3 patents and numerous patent applications in various stages of preparation and prosecution, which the Company possess novel intellectual property. As of March 14, 2006, Ionatron had 104 employees.

    >> I must say I have a TERRIBLE TRACK RECORD WITH THE MILITARY STUFF>> sure I can pick a DRS but too often I'm in the wiggy camp like a big investment I had in a company that had this huge worlds fastest most powerful gun it shot like a hundred- thousand rounds in six seconds all 100% on the same target... devastating. What was the name of that company? Ah METALSTORM! I wonder if they are still around?. Anyway this potential investment sounds dangerously close to that but very James Bond like don't you think? The old laser into the cockpit to disable terrorists... could that be it? Stoney smells something here... he just wants to make sure it wasn't something he just ate.

    So the moral of this investing tale is> when you're doing a lot one way (momentum) Even if it's working great, sometimes it can really pay to switch styles mid stream> ala data mine SEC junk... will it work out? I'm not even sure I'll buy... But to have Cohen in on this company with only 3 patents... it just makes one think... Doesn't it?
  2. At Roth tomorrow. Possible short squeeze. keep this on watch list tomorrow folks...