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    Imagine yourself in a scenario where your trading resources were very limited. You have "yourself", 1 Charting software, 1 analysis software, 1 trading book and just 1 issue to trade. Which your weapons would be ? Explain it briefly. Lets keep the comments short so they can be dynamic and educational.

    My choice:
    Charts and Software :eSignal
    Trading Book : Trading for a Living - Elder's
    Trading issue : YM
  2. Charting software: eSignal
    Book: Market Wizards
    Instrument: ES (even though I haven't really made any money in the ES, but the $50/point would force me to stick to ES if I could trade only ONE instrument. I would eventually turn a profit, and when I do, I wanna get $50/point :D )

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    BTW : We're talking about Trading Tools , Not Trading Toys.
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    Software: esignal
    Book: How to pick winning trades of 15% or more EVERY TIME by MR. MARKET

    Instrument: Stock picks from MR. MARKET
  6. Software: Neoticker
    Book: WD Gann, "How to Make Profits in Commodities"
    Instrument: SP Emini

    If the CBOT ever gets computerized, I'll switch to commodities.
  7. Trade-Ideas alerts, I would never trade without them anymore (biased)

    When Genius Failed (about LTCM) by Roger Lowenstien. This book inspires me, like Chris Rock said this year at the VMA's when you see Janet Jackson with Jermain Dupree you realize you had a shot.

    I trade everything that moves!
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    So you're a momentum trader survivor , aahh? But if you're limited to just one issue to trade what your choice would be?
  9. I don't think you can trade that way really. So I would move to Aspen and be a ski bum ;-)
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