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  1. I am posting this thread to find out what option traders here have made alot of money. I would like to keep the negative people out of the thread and here what the successful people have to say. If your out there and you have been making consistent high profit gains. Please post
  2. I see these kinds of threads all the time but I find the question poorly defined.

    I'm curious.

    What do people here consider "wealthy" and what do they consider "a lot of money" in terms of annual trading profits?
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    Succesfull traders typically do not make "consistent high profit gains" but make huge homeruns once in a while.

    Trading is not about making a living, but about getting rich!
  4. Ok sorry let me define this fairly better. Someone that has taken $5,000 dollars and over time made enough money to quit there day job and invest conservatively on the market.
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  6. Please don't post stupid comments. I am looking for successful traders here.
  7. well this thread is definitely a waste of time
  8. So, not "wealthy" but "comfortable"?

    Doesn't that depend on where you live? $150K in Louisiana is a lot of money. In NYC it's scarping by.

    In dollars - what do people consider "wealthy" and what annual income is considered "high" for traders on this board?
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