Wealthy Families Succumb to Bankruptcy as Real Estate Crashes

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  2. interesting, but funny the way they used a photo from the 'hood as a picture.

  3. Fantastic article.
  4. agree, but those profiled are more "upper middle class" than wealthy for the most part.

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    Just for surf, a peek into the world surf wants to play in. Well,he wants billions but you have to start somewhere. They started from nothing.


    Best deals in real estate all over the world right now if you have the money to play and know what you're doing.
  6. By lunchtime, the brothers are on the Tyrrhenian Sea near Viareggio, Italy, inspecting the boat with a team from Candy & Candy Ltd., their London-based interior design company.

  7. nice, thanks!

  8. Wait; I forgot the pic.


    What an aspirational pic and a scenic backdrop.


    (These Candy Brothers look like the primates from the Geico Commercials - look at those ears.)

  9. Isnt that amazing, to go from nothing to owning 15 billion worth of property in less than 15 years? Not sure I would like to be them though. They seem very unhappy with the fact that they yell at each other all the time (and everyone else) and get so easily upset at people. How can you enjoy your luxury yacht when all your thinking about is yelling at the crew for not getting you your martini within 3 minutes of ordering it?

    The stress of having to yell at someone every single day would be too much for me to handle(especially if I'm yelling at family members!)

    On another subject, Its interesting that one of the brothers fiancee is going to school for criminal psychology. Anyone else see what I am seeing with that? I imagine she marries the guy and because of her schooling knows just how to kill him and not get caught because she will know everything the police do and look for when investigating the crime.
  10. Girlfriends my ass. Did you see that dog in the pic? 100% that one of them or both of them are gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).
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