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  1. mkaay


    I get an error installing Wealth-lab. It says: This program has been damaged, possibly to a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it (End). This, I have done, I ran my virus program and I also ran The Checker to check for spyware and trojans, but nothing. I checked my harddisk and everything seems fine. I also reinstalled the program a couple of times but no luck. Please help me if you have any ideas what it could be. Im eager to start to work with the program. Thanks, Mkaay
  2. you might get your answer if you post your question to the discussion forum at www.wealth-lab.com
  3. Sanjuro


    Get a new copy of WL.
    It's rare but sometimes there are bad cds.

    And if the error still occurs, it's probably a compatibility problem.
  4. mkaay


    I did that too... But Im so eager to get it started and this forum seems even more active so I asked here as well. Besides this forum seems to have a lot of Wealth Lab users. By the way, I question I have been thinking about... Everybody seems to discuss and compare Wealth Lab to TradeStation but what about a comparison btw Wealt Lab and Neo Ticker. Both programs seems to be suited for advanced development of indicators and systems, but which one is really to prefer and what is really the difference?
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    If you don't receive an answer from WL in less than a day ......I owe you a bottle of Chianti :D . You can't beat them....
  6. amtrak


    I've got both WL and NeoTicker,
    and I've programmed indicators in both,
    along with backtest systems in WL.

    NeoTicker is without doubt the better charting platform:
    I'm able to squeeze 3 charts per currency (short/med/long term)
    times 4 major currencies on my main trading screen.

    WL made backtesting somewhat easy:
    - easy to set up a primitive system with the wizard,
    - easy to modify the resulting code,
    - but prone to the looking-into-the-future gotcha.

    Haven't tried NeoTicker backtest;
    NeoTicker programming can be both easier the WL
    in that quickie formula language can do a lot,
    and harder than WL when using object-oriented
    VBscript and Delphiscript (the 2 languages in example code).

    Hope this helps.
  7. mkaay


    Thanks, that did help me! I appreciate it. When it comes to contacting Wealth-lab´s support, I actually got an email back within 10 minutes. Unfortanelty they had never heard about this problem before. I guess its my computer that is f...