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  1. I personally think Wealth-Lab is the best software out there for a system trader out there.

    Sure, there's Athena that let's you do all the complicated analysis... but...

    If it comes to, objectively for system trading and testing, it's the best out there.

    Any transition in coding language is hard like C to C++, VB to C++ or Java to C#, but it's a lot more easier to do it from Easy Language to Wealth-Lab.

    The whiners about Wealth-Lab are simply whiners who are not serious about system trading. If you are a true system trader, transition in coding system is something to consider because of technological advances.

    Also, both EasyLanguage and Chartscripts are Pascal Based...

    (I'm writing this towards a responce towards a whine response towards Wealth-Lab feedback)
  2. Agreed. WL is great.
  3. http://www.elitetrader.com/so/?action=view&SR_ProductID=58

    Steve Larson, you're a bad coder and a complete whiner...

    Learn some UML before you start whining your own lack of coding skill...

    (I'm sure Glitch and Volkner Knapp reads ET... my request would be for you expand on Gann styled analysis tools... surf, me and others would be happy for that... Unfortunately, I use TS for my Gann Analysis still for my drawing because WL doesn't support drawing tools too much)



    Who is this Steve Larson???

    Is he a complete whiner because he can't make money in the market???
  4. I am not familiar with Athena. Is this an addon product, or a standalone application?
  5. I don't have the link for the software but just look into all the scientific analysis softwares under Athena.

    You'll find it on google...

    They put the stock market data in it to do the analysis...

    Some might think it's crazy using rocket science for creating a trading system but it's average.

    Makes you think where you stand as a system trader.... eh?
  6. pretzel


    I'm using both WL and Ensign.

    It's easier to put indicators and alerts up in Ensign, but most can be done with WL

    WL is cheaper in the long run because there is no monthly fee.

    For scripting, WL is a lot easier than ESPL - so it's easier to implement auto-trading. Also, a lot of example scripts on the WL website.

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    Hi WDGann,

    We do plan to add Gann drawing tools in our Version 3.0 upgrade, it's currently under developed and scheduled for a Summer release. Thanks for the defense against Mr. Larson, he's certainly a savage critic of many softwares :)

    Dion Kurczek
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    I just saw the bad review from S. Larson about wld. With all respect to his personal experience but he knows nothing about trading software. I have been using various products and WL is by far the best. It's so easy to create a system if you know just a little about programming. I am convinced that soon Wealth-Lab will be the leader in the trading software.
  9. Post that in a review :)
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    When is Wealth-Lab 3.0 developer coming out?

    I am hopeful that they will support PcQuote's datafeed.

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