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    Basically they were purchased by Fidelity and if you live in the US or Canada you get Wealth-Lab as a Fidelity customer.

    It is free to customers who place 120+ trades/year and have $25,000 in assets Take a look at the Fidelity web site.

    The interface it used to provide to other brokers was removed.

    If you live elsewhere you can still purchase it. I'm not sure about the broker interface.

    I'd say the reduction in activity you noted has to do with a shrinking user base.

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    On their website there's a trial version (4.0 build 3) which I downloaded en tried. Indeed, it seems that you cannot select any brokers.

    I will try an older version. However, the takeover was already in 2004 I see on Google.
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    Consider other backtesting programs, in all their various flavors. For some of them the learning curve is much steeper no matter how great the software is.