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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RapidEye, May 11, 2003.

  1. RapidEye


    Is it possible to feed WL with data from myTrack for intraday trading ?

    Could I have a portfolio of stocks/futures, each one being traded by a different system ? I mean ... I know that I can backtest one system on many stocks ... but is it possible to have different systems running at the same time, participating in real trading sessions ?

    Is it some way to have real time porfolio analysis, presenting the total account profit, account composition.... realtime quotes for the stocks owned ... ?

    many thanks
  2. Glitch


    There currently is no interface to MyTrack, but we may build one if there is sufficient demand. We also have an API so any Windows COM developer could build a real-time interface to a new data feed and integrate that into the product.

    You can open as many real-time windows each running a different system as you like.

    WL does not contain a real-time portfolio tracking tool like you describe. Our main focus is on back-testing, but we have a simple portfolio manager coming in Version 3.0 (not real-time however, this might be a future enhancement).