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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. uhhhh..i am a total backtesting newb.

    i would like to test some ideas with wealth-lab using intraday ES data. 2 questions:

    where do i get the intraday ES data?

    do i need the developer program to do this, or can i just use their web site?

  2. Unfortunatly real time does not work on the web site yet, but we are working on it. I think it will be possible shortly after or arround the release date of version 3 until then you have to buy WLD2 for intra day data testing (which isn't bad for us too :).
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    Hi Gekko,

    As many says, WLD as a standalone application is really powerful.
    At the very begining, I used to play around with the server side service, but the standalone is so much better.
    Especially, if you test intra, it is must-have.

    As for the data, you can download intraday historical from eSignal or Qchart.
    For longer period and continous futures data, you may want to buy from a vendor.

    TickData is good with thier own application.
    DiskTrading is very cheap and good.

    Good Luck

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    1% profit target-no stoploss, right?
    I am very pessimistic on that idea, can easily imagin how big the drawdown gonnage even if it slightly worked.