Wealth-Lab for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stav, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. stav


    I bought the Wealth-Lab Pro a year ago or so, tried to code with it but, its too complex for me. I'm getting rid of it for that reason.
  2. Ebo


    Why are you selling something that is available for FREE with an account at Fidelity?
  3. Get ride of it soon, before Tradestation comes out with
    portfolio testing.

    Also you need to work your ass harder, because wealthscrip
    is much easier than programing your own codes in VBA, C++,..
    ......But you need to start with scripting first
  4. Is tradestation coming out with portfolio testing? Where can I find more info?

  5. This was among topic on 26th sept for Tradestation 9
    with portfolio testing. it takes forever to finish optimization
    of several inputs with several timeframes combined.

    Now, imagine what how long that take for doing across portfolio
    to finish the job

    Who knows, may be they are in process of doing some major
    changes to the plateform