Wealth-Lab. does technical support exist???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dafugginman, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. can't find a number on the website. i'm just trying to get started. i have esignal, downloaded the active X, and made sure that winros file contained proper info. i clicked 'enable real time data, esignal'....now what do i do? all i want to do is pull up a friggin intraday chart to make sure things work. also, am i going to have to use a separate data source to get historical data? that's what it looks like.
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    There's a discussion board at Wealth-lab you could try, specifically one about WL desktop issues. It's well attended by Glitch and Cone and others, though the replies may not be immediate.
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    You can email Glitch (the chief software engineer) and he will answer any questions you have.

    Here's the address: dion@wealth-lab.com

    I also use eSignal, and get RT streaming data as well as historical data there; so you don't need a second data provider.
  4. i'm just using the trial, so am wondering if that is the problem since i came across the other thread where it says you do not get all of the features with the trial. if that's indeed the case, then they should mention this on their website when you download the software. in any event, thx for the email address.
  5. I downloaded the trial too, just because of the hoopla. Once I figured out that I have to find my own data, I just as quickly wiped it clean.

    There is no comparison between WLD and TS in my opinion.
  6. You can use yahoo stock data for trialing the software. You just need it select it and then download it.