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  1. At this stage it is hard to say. All I know is that Fidelity Brokerage is very thoughtful about there customers. We will see some updates this year, I am sure.
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    A cursory look is that he's back-testing/forward-testing a strategy on leveraged ETFs and probably does not take borrow rebates or transactions costs into account.
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  3. I can not follow you here. I am not sure what borrow rebates have to do with it?
    Also I feel, depending on the position size the cost of trading can be neglected.
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  4. Glitch


    The ETF Pairs Arb system trades two symbols, and MAYBE places 1 trade every 30 days on average. Even if it does not consider commission the difference would be negligible.
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    Is it a long-only system?
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  6. It buys QID and QLD. QID is ProShares UltraShort QQQ.
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    Interesting. Not interesting enough to subscribe, but interesting enough to read a description when I get home.
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  9. I am a subscriber because I am impressed by the percent profits. 90+ percent last year looks good for me. If you are better feel free to share your success on WealthSignals?
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  10. WL 4 was a great platform. In used it some years ago with a program called APS that generated code for systems. I still use NT7 and successor of APS called DLPAL S. Both great programs and I have developed some excellent systems but I miss WL.
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