Wealth-Lab Creator Has New Site

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  1. Dion Kurczek (Glitch), from WL has a new site where you can write and test system algos. He sold WL to Fido a while back and has been working with them until recently.

    New site uses C#, but there are "building blocks" to get things going if you don't know C.

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  2. d08


    Testing some highly profitable and robust strategies on a website seems like an invitation to lose it. And to top it off he is giving praise to Beau Wolinsky of all people, pretty sure many in the forum know about his shenanigans - he's the self-proclaimed world's best trader and now has some weird media company to "help companies grow" after his supposed hedge fund failed to take off. Does not look good.
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  3. Glitch


    Hey Option_Attack, thanks for the shout out! Trading system modeling and backtesting has always been one of my passions and I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of ideas evolve at this new site. I'd be happy to answer any questions folks have about Quantacula here at EliteTrader.

    d08: thanks for checking out Quantacula! The "praise" you refer to was a shout out to a YouTube interview he did. I thought it was relevant because he talked about his ETF Pairs Arbitrage system, which is the top performer at www.wealthsignals.com, going now for several years out-of-sample. It's certainly a noteworthy achievement.

    Dion Kurczek
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  4. I am not sure what you mean. You can test on the website or use the stand alone desktop version. Better research trading ideas first than follow self-proclaimed Cramer's and Co.
    In regards to Beau, whatever you wanna say about him, he is not wearing a suite and is not the typical WallStreet guy but his performance here: https://www.wealthsignals.com/Strategy/Detail/ETF-Pairs-Arbitrage-9IP7Vx is outstanding. The beauty here is that you not only see the out of sample results but also the backtested results. I feel comfortable if they are "in synch".
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  5. Respect Glitch and VN's opinion, but BW caused trouble here so we are understandably suspicious of the guy. BW (quester on the old WL site) also demonstrated some pairs systems that were from Altucher's book. Hopefully he's developed something on his own. I wish him success.

    FWIW I still use WL (ver. 3!) profitably every day. Still a great program. Didn't want to get a Fidelity acnt. Have to bug Eugene for unlock code when I get a new computer. Very useful coding, thx Glitch.

    Good trading to all
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  6. d08


    Looks pretty good but short of outstanding for me. I'm not someone to listen to Cramer or the likes, what I trade are my own ideas.
    As far as Wolinsky goes, I think he attempted to launch a hedge fund and failed, that's the last thing I saw about him. So it would be unfair to say that he chose not to be a suit.

    I also bought WL3 and still sometimes use it. I didn't want to have anything to do with Fidelity and their silly policies though. I use a cracked version nowadays as I've already paid for it, you can also move it around from PC to PC. Doubt that's an issue for VK or Dion as it's effectively abandonware now.

    I'm pretty sure quester is a different person, BoWo had another account there where he didn't waste a minute bragging about his supposed superiority to everyone.
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  7. Glitch


    Wow amazing that WL3 still has legs!! Glad that it's still useful to you both!
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  8. I did get Amibroker too, and it works well enough. I could do all my simple strategies with it. But I'm so familiar with WL script I can test many new ideas in just minutes, with zero head scratching.

    I'll eventually need to convert over to Ami or something else (I know C# but it's been awhile...), but I'll just keep using WL3 until my TC2000 v7 data feed and/or WL quits working! :D
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  9. Glitch


    Hey, don't forget to consider Quantacula Studio ;)
  10. jml


    Hi ...I am new to this forum and am considering WL as a tool (I am Australian so can just use the s/w). I am hearing noises about Fidelity not committed to WL ...are any of you uncomfortable about WL's viability into future ...ie. if I buy a licence now, is WL likely to be around in years to come ...? Thanks
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