Wealth Lab-Bad Pings and Realtime data

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  1. Hi

    I am a user of Wealth Lab + Esignal
    When i let them run next to another on 1 minute bars (on other timeframes also),they both draw slightly different charts and the single ticks are also matching very rarely.
    When i refresh WL,it downloads the chart from Esignal and then i have totally different tradesignals then before.

    On QQQ the price changes every 1 to 4 seconds.
    Is this all data there is,or am i only seeing a fraction of it?

    Can this be a bad ping?( mine is about 100 and more)

    Thanks for help
  2. Hi,

    I cannot confirm your problems, which version of WL are you using? Did you contact Wealth-Lab Support? (support@wealth-lab.com) I am sure they will help you, usually their support is excellent. :)


  3. They're working on it:

    Check www.wealth-lab.com

    It's a known issue with synchronizing data and chart with E-signal.

    Ahhh... I can't wait for Wealth-Lab 3.0
  4. Hi all

    So WLD + Esignal is not working correctly.The other RT source
    would be Qcharts.
    Do they also have that syncronisation problem?

    Many Thanks

    ps.WLD is the Ferrari of backtesting but useless when you dont have the keys.
  5. Hi,

    please can you send me the link from the WL-site at which it is said that there is a problem with ESignal? I didn't find any information about your problem. It looks like they don't know it. My advice: Send a mail to support@wealth-lab.com or post your question in the forum....

    Do you use the newest Build? Recently, Build 39 was released. Try it with this build, some improvements were made with the ESignal adapter, though concerning mainly historical data.


  6. kenokabe

    kenokabe Guest

    Hi All,

    Actually, I see the eSignal one-min-chart problem, too.
    Especially, when you reload the data, WLD accesses eSignal historical data and for some reason, the data reloaded doesn't match.
    I have already reported this issue to Dion, the programmer of WLD. He is a good supporter and if you inform him the detail, he works for the problem.

    What I do now is to use eSignal Function Script as RealTime trading machine.
    In fact, if you use very short term frame, eSignal is the best as long as I see. You can use 15 seconds bar or whatever, and since you can write EFS on each charts such as ES, $TICK, the synclonization issue should not be a problem.
    EFS documentation is still rough, but now eSignal has EFS speciallist who provides good support to you.