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  1. Is it possible to autotrade a system in Wealth-Lab with IB as a brokerage?

    If so, how? What tools do I need?

    PS: Programming oneself is not an option. :(
  2. Sashe


    Does IBdata2 work for you?
    I could never make it work. What version of WL are you using?
  3. I think it only works to feed data.
    We can't use it to automate systems. It just won't work well.
  4. Sashe


    I wish someone would come up with Ensign+IB auto solution.
  5. rickty


    >> Is it possible to autotrade a system in Wealth-Lab with IB as a brokerage?

    Did you purchase WLD before the Fidelity take over or are you situated outside of North America? If yes to either, the answer is yes.

  6. OK, but how?
  7. IBData2 has a broker adapter as well.
  8. I know. What I mean is it probably doesn't work well.
    Does anyone use IBData2 and trade Wealth-Lab systems with it? Is it reliable? Please share your experiences.

    By the way, it appears IBData is the only product in the market which can automate Wealth-Lab systems. Are there any alternatives apart from coding myself?
  9. I use it and it works fine for me. I have an older version of WL that I also run with QuoteTracker/IB data and the WL broker manager and that runs fine for what I do.

    There is always room for improvement of course and I wouldn't leave any auto system unattended unless you want to come home one evening and find yourself the owner of many OTM positions.

    If you are overseas, have WL 3.0, or don't mind "just" trading equities and options with Fidelity I think you are OK.
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