wealth-lab 3.0

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by andrasnm, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. any word when is it out? also if you buy 2.1 what benefit is to get 3.0 later (any discounts) who would know?
    any owners here.....
  2. trader99


    Word has it will be out sometime in the summer. Can't wait! If you buy 2.1 now, I think you'll get the upgrade to 3.0 for free. For me and other users who bought a while back, we have to pay the $100 upgrade fee.

    It's a pretty solid backtesting software. It lacks in real-time scanning capability and automated execution, which it will addresses in 3.0. So, it should be interesting to see who wins out TS vs WL? But either way, WL has a solid following and a great product IMHO.
  3. pretzel


    My only complain is that it does not handle tick charts. Probably the best place to ask about WL3.0 is at the wealth-lab site itself.

  4. Glitch


    If you purchased WLD2.1 on or after November 2002 (when WLD3.0) was announced, then you will receive a free upgrade. Otherwise the upgrade cost is $100. WLD3.0 does handle tick level charts. Release will be this Summer.