Wealth disparities

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    A french man complaining about the wealth of others? incredible... Not to say that wealth disparities aren't a problem today, but in the US, people complain about young brains being diverted from curing cancer into HFT... In France, young brains are diverted from curing cancer into academic complaining and are celebrated like heroes...
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  2. "Wealth disparities" in themselves are NOT a problem. They're only said to be a problem by Lefties wanting to "divide and conquer" America.

    We are supposed to be a MERITOCRACY.... "prevail to the best of your ability and desire to accomplish".... not whine, bitch, complain, back-bite and be jealous of those who do better than you.
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    there is a HUGE difference between being "rich" and "making money" rich people granted may hide their wealth so what who cares it's their money.

    people that have the talent to "make money" just make it and never crosses their mind to hide it. once i asked my mentor if he was going to participate in an offshore thing that some brokers were proposing.

    in the elevator he told me, they will all regret it when the irs gets them. mark my take on it is if you can "make money" you just trade a few extra contracts to pay the tax man and be done with it.

    i focus on "making money" to make so much that nothing matters what comes your way, i do invest in guns and ammo though to hedge from the impulse bomb coming one day. lol
  4. Wealth inequality in the United States (also known as the wealth gap) is the unequal distribution of assets among residents of the United States. Wealth includes the values of homes, automobiles, personal valuables, businesses, savings, and investments. ... Although different from income inequality, the two are related.
  5. BULLSHIT! TOTAL BULLSHIT! Was never about "distribution". Some earn more because they are more capable or just lucky. 'Twas never about somebody higher-up said, "you get a little and arbitrarily somebody else get a lot". You make your own way. Some are more capable that others.
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    to borrow Ben Shapiro's argument... there is a lot of disparity between me and Bill Gates, but I don't have a problem with that.

    Inequality is not a problem... poverty is... but the left needs to scrape the bottom of the barrel for votes, so they need people to stay poor, therefore high taxes, high regulations, choke off the economy, let people stay poor, but vote for me I will keep the welfare food stamp coming. . and yeah for the same reason they don't focus on poverty, but 'inequality'..... there is plenty to go around if the economy gets going, like what Trump has done... but no, that would defeat the purpose of existence for the Dems.
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    I have always said that the Dems need to completely retool their thinking.

    the silicon valley is very much left leaning, and the future of abundance relies on all the technology... yet these guys don't even know they are sitting on a gold mine, not realizing this is the chance to turn the game around and have the population rally around their ideas of technology driven utopia of unlimited abundance.... instead they keep operating the old business model of scraping the bottom of the barrel.
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    It all boils down to the concept of "fairness". This is a man made idea that holds no water in reality. There has never been a time in the history of the universe where things were "fair". We cannot legislate it, we cannot make it so in any way.
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    but what you say is not fair at all - in fact i am insulted and you hurt muh feelings. send me cash to make things right! i demand it!
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    States of mind.

    Rich and Broke are temporary states of being. People making 6 figures and living in a half million dollar house are certainly rich but they may not be wealthy. People living in section 8 housing because they didn't get a job out of school are broke but they may not be poor.

    Wealthy and poor are states of mind. There is very little question a wealthy person is often quite rich. They typically have many investments, forms of passive income, and access to capital the rich do not have access to. Poor people typically have nothing, will continue to have nothing, and are incapable at a fundamental almost genetic level of accumulating any significant amounts of wealth.

    The socialists do not want to make the broke wealthy, they want to make the wealthy poor. Instead of raising up the people living in poverty and giving those with the best chance to succeed a chance to do so, they desire to drain the upper class consisting of wealthy people effectively bringing the ceiling down but keeping the floor where it is. This is, of course, disguised in a lot of clever ways designed to take advantage of the lower-than-average ability to think critically so typical of the prototypical socialist. Equality of outcome will destroy our economy and our country. There is no point in accumulating wealth if half of it goes to giving needles to drug addicts and funding bloated social programs like it does in California.
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